All dice bags are boxed bottom to allow them to stand up when filled.


They measure -###- are fully reversable, and have a drawstring closure with a spring-lock to ensure your dice do not escape in transit. Bags will have the chosen design on the "outside" on a solid color, the "inside" will be a pattern picked from what's available, or a solid color.  All fabrics are cotton. drawstring is paracord.


Can re-produce most designs of 1 color. Many colors available. Select other if desired color isn't listed. Listing is what I currently have on hand.

Custom Dice Bags - Vynl Image

"Outside" Color
"Inside" Color
Paracord Color
Design Color
  • Currently no returns, only exchange/repair.


    Depending on the nature of the complaint/repair, GB will repair/replace your damaged bags. Shipping and repair fees may apply.