We make bags for transporting your fursuits! With the main focus being on the suit head. I also have a couple accessories to make travel with your suit easier.

Garbage Bags are so named because some suiters actually carry their suits in trash bags. Thanks to this, the main line of bags is made to look like a garbage bag - they are drawstring bags not dissimilar to duffel bags available in 3 sizes.


There are also 2 other bag types made to be okay for carry on and personal item bags while flying.

Depending on how this kickstarter goes, I may do custom bags as well. If this goes REALLY well, then the GB line will start being made by a manufacturer. I would love to have something you can buy "off rack" at a convention. You see, this is how the whole idea got started.

I was at a large convention and needed to repack my  stuff. I was searching all over the convention for a bag that would work with my suit head and still be personal item sized. No one was selling bags of that nature. No one even had large bags with closures.

I saw a need, and I filled it.


I sewed the first Garbage Bag and tested it on the next convention I went to. It worked very well! I managed to fit all of Fritter into the bag, plus a couple items for keeping myself amused while on the plane. The whole thing fit under the seat in front of me too.


Who is Garbage Bags?